A2B Metro Available @ EZ Green Store!

A2B Metro is a very well designed electric bike. German Engineers did not only design the bike frame so rigid, but also stylish and very comfortable with smooth powerful 500 Watt acceleration. Sure it does not look like a regular bicycle, but once you test ride it, you will buy it. Manually pedaling this ebike is surprisingly easy. Forward crank and pedals with good gear ratios makes it a breeze to pedal. With an oversized diameter fork with long travel coupled with a long rear swing arm and monoshock absorbs serious road bumps. With speeds of 20mph the full suspension and the 4″ wide tires absorbs road imperfections that you will experience a very smooth ride. The wide tires also gives you a safe grip of road contact. Other positive attributes are low step frame good for women, older persons and men commuting with dress clothes. The ability to slide in a 2nd set of battery to double you mileage.

So come on in and test ride this amazing ebike at the Ez green bikes store in Dana point, Orange County!