My name is Robbie, owner of EZ Green Bikes. I love everything “green” and eco friendly.

I started EZ Green Bikes because I love to bike, do my part in preserving our beautiful planet, and prepare for predicted rising oil prices.

I not only sell electric bikes, I also fix and build them and commute with my own converted bike.

I love my family & friends, the great outdoors, and traveling. Check out our adventures , creations, and discoveries here at our website!

Going Electric: Electric Bike Conversions

Got a bicycle you don’t want to get rid of or a nice bicycle you love and want to convert…EZ Green Bikes does custom electric conversions kit installations of various types of bicycles.

Check out these make overs!


How To Ride an E-Bike

CicLAvia – A Biking Paradise

April is a great month for EZ Green Bikes with all the events we’re able to participate in to advocate for greener commuting.

CicLAvia temporarily removes cars from L.A. streets – and the streets fill up with smiles! 7 miles of streets in downtown LA were closed to cars and open for pedestrians and bikes to promote alternative commuting and community interaction within the city.  Thousands came and participated, including EZ Green Bikes who had a group 0f nearly 20 riders on ebikes wearing EZ Green Bikes shirts.


What are ebikes and why ride one?

What are Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles or “Ebikes” are bicycles with electric motor assist powered by a battery pack.

Ebikes are ideal for commuting from home to work, to and from school, and getting around town without much physical effort in taking a bicycle as a mode of transportation.  With the electric motor built into the ebikes, it’s easier and faster to get around without breaking a sweat.  The bikes are also great for recreational use in going longer distances for causal rides and sightseeing.

Got gradual inclines and hills in your commute? An ebike will flatten the road with the motor assist feature; no need to pedal strenuously.  Still want the daily exercise?  An electric bicycle functions as a regular bike by turning off the motor giving you the workout you desire.

Why Electric Bicycles

Ebikes are a smart, green alternative mode of transportation.  Get around knowing you’re not adding harm to the environment in riding an electric bicycle and moreover, you’re commuting at almost no cost!  It cost an average of only $0.05 to recharge the battery and travel 28 miles on a full charge.

Commuting with ebikes can save time in bypassing traffic and avoiding the cost and hunt for parking.

5 EZ Green Facts of Electric Bikes

  • 1,400 manufacturers in China build 5.5 million electric bicycles a year with 70 million on the road today

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  • 10,000 sold in the US in 2007, up 67% from 2006

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  • Regular gas prices today in California are up 164% from 5 years ago and 345% from 10 years ago

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  • To go 100 miles, a car needs an average of $20.25 worth of fuel; an electric bike, only $0.20 of kilowatts charged

  • Energy (calories) used per mile: by car: 1860 | by foot: 100 | by bike: 35