Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we need a special license or insurance to use Ebikes?

    No, all EZGreen Ebikes are considered bicycles that can share the roads with cars.

  • How far can Ebike travel with a fully charged battery?

    Lithium Ion batteries, used to power the Ebikes, were tested on flat ground and can travel between 28 to 34 miles with very light pedaling.

  • How many charge cycles can a Lithium Ion battery last?

    Battery manufacturer recommends 500 charge cycles. Batteries can exceed 500 charge cycles but will have shorter run distance.

  • How does the battery recharge?

    Every ebike comes with a Battery Management Charger which can be plugged into any home/office outlet.

  • How long does it take the battery to recharge?

    Charging time for a battery that is completely depleted is 6 hours, consuming only 0.5 KW/hr, costing only $0.07 to charge.

  • How fast are ebikes?

    These bike motors can propel you at speeds up to 35 MPH. (Maximum road speed per DMV rule is 20 MPH.)

  • Can Ebikes climb up on hills?

    Yes it can with pedal assist.  It’s great for gradual slope/hills since it flattens the roads with the motor assist.  Note: you will have to adjust your gear setting to low speed and pedal harder for steeper grades.

  • What is the difference between regular Ebikes versus folding Ebikes?

    Folding Ebikes are for shorter commute distances with a huge advantage that it can be folded for space saving and can be continently tucked in any car trunk.