Ebike man

What are ebikes and why ride one?

What are Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles or “Ebikes” are bicycles with electric motor assist powered by a battery pack.

Ebikes are ideal for commuting from home to work, to and from school, and getting around town without much physical effort in taking a bicycle as a mode of transportation.  With the electric motor built into the ebikes, it’s easier and faster to get around without breaking a sweat.  The bikes are also great for recreational use in going longer distances for causal rides and sightseeing.

Got gradual inclines and hills in your commute? An ebike will flatten the road with the motor assist feature; no need to pedal strenuously.  Still want the daily exercise?  An electric bicycle functions as a regular bike by turning off the motor giving you the workout you desire.

Why Electric Bicycles

Ebikes are a smart, green alternative mode of transportation.  Get around knowing you’re not adding harm to the environment in riding an electric bicycle and moreover, you’re commuting at almost no cost!  It cost an average of only $0.05 to recharge the battery and travel 28 miles on a full charge.

Commuting with ebikes can save time in bypassing traffic and avoiding the cost and hunt for parking.